For Sale, Baby Shoes, Never Worn

Many of you have seen this, time and again.  So you’re wondering, why the title for a blog?

Not what you might think.  I am not trying to capitalize on Hemingway’s shortest novel ever.

Is there something that a writer, a real writer, should never write?

That’s a haunting question.  And the answer, as you will always get with an artistic sort, is variable.

For me, I had the idea of a wonderful novel, but could not write it.  Why?  Well, why were those baby shoes never worn?  Simply put, the idea for my novel hinged on the premise of a mother who was in a terrible accident with her daughter, and survived – only to discover she didn’t quite survive….

Fast forward, the mother wakes from a coma to learn that her eldest had actually perished, and while she had been “dreaming” that they made it out okay, her family had in fact disintegrated, in the loss of the daughter and the comatose condition of the mother.

The m0ther’s response?  Get me back in that coma, ASAP!  We are all together here, why would I ever wake up???

Who wouldn’t want to retreat into a dream world, where tragedy never happened, where we were happy and content?

To finish this blog, the answer is, for me, I will never write that story.  I have three beautiful daughters that I could not live without, and while that could be the next billion dollar franchise, for me, I just can’t write it.  Some stories even the Hemingway’s can’t write.  It is not true to ourselves.  It will steal from our soul, and would prohibit us from rest.  It could very well kill us from the inside.

That is why, some stories must never be written, even by the finest writers.  Ask some of the best – they more than likely will respond to an email – and they all have the story that couldn’t be told.

One of those beloved offspring of mine wholeheartedly disagrees, and feels that the story that a writer should never write, could be their best one.  What do you think?  I honestly care.

For Sale.  Baby Shoes.  Never Worn.



About tammykerr

Ah, writing... A good way to tell if you're cut out for it? When you realize it sucks, sucks, sucks, and there is still absolutely nothing you'd rather be doing.
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