Get Out And Write!

I mean that both ways.  If you want to write, you have to get out and write.  And, for most of us, you really need to get out and write.

I’m a big fan of home offices, especially comfy, well-equipped ones, but sometimes that in itself can be a writing block.  It’s so easy to quick check your twitter account.  A speedy little snack wouldn’t hurt, right?  After all who can write when they’re hungry.  And maybe just one moment to load the dishwasher, because, after all, you’ll write even better if you’re not thinking about that sink full of dishes that may or may not turn into gremlins if you wash them after midnight.

You get the idea.  We all have those moments.  The little time-piranhas, that can quickly turn into a whole school of piranhas, that eat away at our writing time and strip it to the bone before we’re aware those sharp little teeth have gotten a grip.

I’m not suggesting we all go out and secure ourselves swanky downtown offices with personal secretaries stationed like sentries out front.  There are many ways to just Get Out and Write.  Maybe you have a favorite coffee shop, maybe it even has a cozy nook just for writers with comfy lounge chairs.  Just make sure it doesn’t have wireless access, or if it does and you haven’t already been there enough times to have the access code memorized, don’t ask for it.  Why temp yourself?  We live not too far from a beach area.  It’s not ideal as the parking area is small and people keep coming and going, but I really like writing better when I can stare at the water.  Maybe there’s a park near you – probably almost guaranteed not to have wifi available – and you just happen to know that the creepy-people-contingent is low at this time of day.  Take up residence!  Pigeons are not nearly as distracting as dirty dishes.  I promise.

The point is, wherever you are, you can come up with somewhere that is not home to get some quality uninterrupted writing time in.  (I’m from the Midwest.  We love ending our sentences with prepositions.  Deal with it.)  And the change of scenery will help your writing process.  So give it a try, tell your plants you promise to bring back a treat, and set sail.  Let me know how it goes.

Happy Travels!


About tammykerr

Ah, writing... A good way to tell if you're cut out for it? When you realize it sucks, sucks, sucks, and there is still absolutely nothing you'd rather be doing.
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One Response to Get Out And Write!

  1. 1smiles says:

    I too am inspired by the water. My biggest obstacle seems to be finding uninterupted time.

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